Sundays At Christ's Church

We design our gatherings to be a safe place where people can explore faith, teach people the truth they need to know, and to challenge them to apply that truth to their lives.

Our band will hit the stage first thing, and you’ll hear a song or two you know, and probably a couple you don’t.   You’ll laugh a little, most likely, as we keep some things light hearted.  You’ll hear a message that is straight from the Bible and applies directly to your life. Also, we just want to let you know, we are very straight forward in our teaching, not judgmental or without grace and love, but we're simply honest with life.  Because we're so honest with life and no topic is off limits, we do offer a very safe and exciting Kid's Ministry for the full hour for Nursery through 5th Grades.   We keep our teens in the service as messages are written with them in mind as well.

Most importantly, our gatherings are all about Jesus.  Whether through worship, weekly communion, giving, or the message, we want to make Him famous and know Him better.  We just want to help you take your next step toward Jesus.

3131 Maplecrest Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46815

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Ph: 260-485-1611