What does it mean to be a church where it's ok to not be ok?

Well...we understand that life is messy, that it's hard, it's difficult, so we simply want to be a church that helps people through it all. We have no desire to be a church that is holier than thou, that guilts you into things or makes you wear your Sunday best.

What if there is a church where you can be you and where you can discover what it means to have a relationship with Jesus? What about a church where no perfect people are allowed and a church that deeply loves our city and wants to help Ft. Wayne in any way it can? A church that loves God, loves people, and serves deeply? A church where you can grow at your own pace as we become passionate followers of Jesus? A church that's fun, relevant, and really made a difference in your life? We simply want to help people take their next step toward Jesus.

Welcome to Christ's Church.

3131 Maplecrest Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46815

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Ph: 260-485-1611

E: frontdesk@fwcc.cc